Warning against traveling to Thailand

NOTE: This warning is now obsolete. Thailand has abolished the PCR testing before and upon arrival. You do not need to worry about this issue any more. Welcome to the Land of Smiles! (Ed.)

Travelers to Thailand whose PCR tests return a positive are in a very high risk of being caught up in a web of rules that nobody warned them of before their departure.

The SHA+ and ASQ hotels where the travelers are required to stay, must all have contracts with a specific hospital, usually a private hospital. If a traveler staying at their hotel tests positive, the guest has no choice but to be hospitalized at that specific hospital for 7-10 days at their own cost – usually around 10.000 THB per day. In most cases, tourists are requested to pay upfront this amount and coordinate insurance claims by themselves later – holding the risk of not being compensated for their hospital expenses.

Sharing hotel room in close contact with a COVID patient also subjects you to quarantine 7-10 days as a high risk close contact person. This is usually not included in the insurance coverage so it would be completely at your own cost.

The PCR tests are performed by the hospital who has the exclusive rights to receive all the patients from the hotel they stay at. You must do two PCR tests on the first day and the fifth day of your traveling, and the authorities prefer that you test both times at the same hotel.

Some travelers question, if the PCR tests follow same procedures as back in their home countries, since many find the positive result when arriving Thailand, when they just tested negative 48 hours ago before flight departure.

All travelers believe they are adequately insured because when they applied for the Thailand Pass, their health insurance was approved. But when the traveler arrives here, it some times turns out that although the Thai embassy or consulate had accepted their insurance policy, they are not covered anyway because of the fine print in the insurance policy. Sometimes, the insurance only covers if the patient has symptoms or is hospitalized in a hospital, not a ‘hospitel’. The Thai hospitals will keep the patient in quarantine regardless of symptoms and for the maximum days they can charge for, all solely depending on the opinion of the doctors’ team at the assigned hospital your hotel is associated with.

In other situations, it has turned out that the insurance only covers if the patient is admitted to a public hospital. But the patient has no right to refuse to be hospitalized at the private hospital or hospitel facility which has obtained an exclusive contract with their hotel. Also in this case, the traveler will have to pay the amount at around 100.000 THB themselves.

A resident Dane in Bangkok who has been part of a network to come to the rescue of these unfortunate travelers who were trapped in this web of rules says to ScandAsia, that frankly she has come to the sad conclusion that the safest thing to do is not to fly to Thailand on a Thailand Pass until this hotel-hospital alliance is broken or the insurance policies that the embassies accept follow standards that are in compliance with these hotel-hospital contracts.

For a while, she and her network was able to extract patients with residence in Thailand from the grip of the hospitals “who only follow the rules” and transfer them to self isolation in their homes or to public hospitals, but this loophole was recently plugged.

There are so many special situations and describing them all is not possible here, she says. But she wants to add one piece of useful advice:

If you have had Covid in the past 2-3 months before your arrival to Thailand then you must remember to bring along with you PCR proof and preferably a medical recovery certificate stating your Covid history in detail with a doctor’s signature. This documentation may help you not to become yet another unfair victim of the medical care protocol. If you show this evidence and insist that your positive result is most likely because the test is picking up dead cells from your past infection, you may be able to avoid being detained.

NOTE: This warning is now obsolete. Thailand has abolished the PCR testing before and upon arrival. You do not need to worry about this issue any more. Welcome to the Land of Smiles! (Ed.)

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  1. Funny how I read the hotel owners complaining this is bad reporting..
    Just do a u-tube search. Horror stories are there.
    Testing negative before travel and then when arrive test positive.
    It’t a crap shoot at best.

  2. Gregers Moller, this is the most import information available on the activities and time of the CCP Covid pandemic and Thailand. I have been coming to Thailand for 30 years and living here for 15. As character reference for my brief comments, I am a former Sacramento California Police Detective, am a California Juris Doctor (Lawyer), USAF (Ret) and United AL (ret), among other professional qualifications. Your article and following comments by your readers bear a joint effort from many people. Private people as well as Embassies should post the alert of this activity, we all know happens. However, I am barred from returning to my condo in Jomtien Beach for need to satisfy the Thailand Pass prerequisite, and am turned back at the booking post by UAL staff for not having it. I now think I am fortunate. Please provide a method for readers to forward this article to others, in Thailand, the world, everywhere. I will write more and return to post it. Sincerely, Robert Brill; (dob: 7 April 1941) Telephone in USA:17074517467 Email: [email protected] I have neither pc nor home in USA. Private contact in Jomtien, upon request

  3. For those of you who are traveling to Thailand, on your COVID-19 Insurance, be sure to get an insurance agent where ever you going that does the talking to the hospital so you will not get scammed ripped off and paying up front at the same time. Most hospital always asking for cash no matter what. I know someone in Pattaya that he got COVID-19 positive asymptomatic and the hospital wants him to pay B200K cash, he called his insurance agent that he bought for and then problem solved, didn’t have to pay anything and insurance took care of it. Big relief for him.

  4. I’m currently caught in same situation in bangkok now. Can someone help advise Tks.

  5. I’m caught up in the situation right now. I have no symptoms and they said my PCR test was positive after taking two previous PCR tests. The total charges was 5000 US. This is such BS. Don’t bother flying to Thailand.

  6. This article saved me a lot of money, time and heartache.

    I am a vaccinated covid recovered passenger – I have all the relevant paperwork – including PCR test showing the original infection and discharge letter from the ministry of health.

    Based on the current test and go policies – you can enter Thailand even if you test positive for the pre-departure if you can show the required documentation. I triple read this and went ahead to book flights, hotels, tours and applied for ThaiPass. 72 hours before, I did my pre-departure test – and as expected I tested positive.

    I am meant to be flying today, 3rd March, but after reading this article last night, I got a little worried and called the hotel I booked in advance. They asked me to send all my relevant documentations and helped me call the health authorities.

    This is the verdict. If you test positive on the pre-departure – you will be allowed into Thailand with the relevant paperwork. However if you land and test positive on arrival you will be quarantined for 10 days regardless of the paperwork. This is the silliest policy I have ever encountered.

    Do NOT fly to Thailand unless you know for sure your PCR on arrival will be negative – a discharge letter and original infection dates do not count. I hope this helps save you the countless hours I have wasted applying my Thaipass and paying for my Thai trip and then trying to reverse all that money spent.

  7. of course the hotels and the hospitals will take advantage of the tourists. One night package for me my wife and two children is £400 plus. I discovered then that the hospital who performs the PCR test will be able to charge you for accommodation if they fail you. Even if you pass the first PCR test and have a second one on the fifth day, you could fail again! And between the first day and the fifth day you would have to live like a hermit and avoid all contact with other people. It’s just crazy to think about travelling to Thailand at the moment. I had booked and paid for accommodation for our two-week holiday and our flights but cancelled them all when I discovered this dishonest system. Fortunately my airline had wanted to change my flights so I was able to get a full refund. I really wanted to go on holiday to Thailand with my family but clearly they care very little about tourists!

  8. ive heard several accounts now of such things happening to people.two people did send me their pcr certificates and both showed a high ct rate of 40 and 38 and these are likely to cause a very high level of false positives.Both people were almost no symptoms and forced to go to hospitels and then given big bills which their insurance didnt cover any or all of it.People asked to provide sums up front or given quotes of bills and then finding out other people stayed in same place and paid much less.Truth is no one knows what to do as they havent been in this position before.They desperately try to find out share info on fb in groups and dont know when or if to challenge anything.Embassies and insurance providers arent that helpful.Its a real mess and seems more people than the 3percent quoted.

  9. Don’t know where you get your “facts” from but as usual news reporting is sensationalist without including the whole truth.
    Plus you provide no official links, just here say. You should work for the American press, they would give you a wage increase for your “reporting” skills.

  10. Hello, could anyone confirm that the on-site testing is still 2x PCR? In the instructions for the Thai Pass on the official website it says:
    1 PCR test upon arrival
    2 antigen test for self swab, the result is entered into the MorChana application.
    Please help

  11. Witajcie, czy ktoś mógłby potwierdzić, że testy na miejscu to nadal 2x PCR? W instrukcji do Thai Pass na oficjalnej stronie jest napisane:
    1 test PCR po przylocie
    2 test antygenowy do samodzielnego wymazu, wynik wprowadza się do aplikacji MorChana.
    Proszę o pomoc

  12. @Krisho. Wrote ” Most of male tourists are going to Thailand only enjoy night life with females there”
    Complete nonsense. Maybe 20 years ago.:) The last 3 times I flew to Bangkok the plane was full of couples and women. At most 10% were traveling men alone!

  13. I used to live there b4 covid break-out, i have many thai friends. They advised me against going there because of possible faking of pcr test to extract money from tourists. When u get quarantined, there is hi chances to get robbed and killed in ur hotel room. And then they claim that tourists commited suicide cos they’r not used to quarantine…. actually, many tourists all around thailand got killed and robbed, but official reports were creating some stupid execuses blaming the tourists… it is about time warning people from going there. Thx.

  14. I was booked to stay at Banyan Tree on Samui. I asked if found to be positive could I stay at the hotel for quarantine. Told against rules and hospital would decide if I need to be in Special quarantine hotel or hospital. These rules are crazy. So many people I know have had Omnicrom and it’s no worse than a cold. I have until end of Feb to decide, but if they don’t relax the rules I’m cancelling

  15. This is the 10th time that I’ve heard regarding a scam and ripping off any incoming tourists who are false positive asymptomatic or mild symptoms by sending them via ambulance to hospital and make them pay upfront telling them the COVID-19 insurance not covered around B10K a day so 10 days will be B100K. For those of you still decide to go to Thailand, hey can’t blame you, it’s your choice, just verify with your insurance company to make sure that the AQ Hotel you staying is contracted with public or private hospital by doing a complete research on that hospital. Either paying at least B100K or less than B30K. Because of this,Thailand will lose a lot of incoming tourists if they don’t get their act together. WELCOME Philippines and Cambodia…

  16. Thailand govt have rights to formulate their own tourism policy. Most of male tourists are going to Thailand only enjoy night life with females there. It is a good opportunity for Thai govt to protect and rehabilitate their women populations.
    Why go there and criticise the govt?
    Stay home, Stay safe. Dont spread infection.
    All countries say avoid unnecessary travel.

  17. Thailand It s Better than Italy . In Italy now we are under dictatorship . The end of democracy and violation of costitution thanks to Mario Draghi and his friend. Besides now the president of costitutional court is Amato that Is parte of this antidemocratic gang

  18. Please don’t go to Thailand!!!! I am here now and it is perfect with out you. This is a sad article. I arrived on the test and go program. Was the smoothest entry I have ever had. Your a fool if you don’t travel with the proper insurance. Any fool can Google about the entry and know what you actually need. The ones that are “shocked to find out” knew what was expected and what could happen. It is just people doing what they want instead of what needs to be done. Please stay in your home and do not breath until COVID is over. It will make this a better world.

  19. Oh. Too sad too hear this news about Thailand. You guys have to be extra careful if you insist to visit this country otherwise bring lots of money with you to shoulder expensive hospital costs.

    Meanwhile you can travel to other Asian countries like the Philippines which allow fully vaxxed foreigners to enter the country for tourism and business.

    Read this article below.


  20. Came on 10th of December to Bangkok on ‘test’ n’go’. ThaiPass and e-Visa went absolutely smoothly before flight, immigration procedure at BKK was quick and well organized, the transport arranged by the booked (and paid in advance) SHA+ hotel picked me up 25 (!) minutes after landing. At arrival in the hotel I was taken to a seperate room for PCR-Test. Had to wait in my room til my result came 12 hrs later. Since then I travel across lovely Thailand, no scam, no cut-throat businesses, only sunshine, friendly people and easy living. 7-days inzidence is at 84 right now … ehm … what are your figures atm?? I love those dramatic bad luck stories, keeping away tourists from a destination, thaz they don’t understand. Begpackers, sex- & bargain-tourists should stay away … nobody needs them here.

  21. Best time i ever visited Thailand is right now. No drunk bad behaving tourists, only the people who really wants to be here. I get treated so well and having such a great time in peace. If i follow the rules i have no issues. Thank you for your help with keeping the rotten eggs away 🙏🙏

  22. The Thais were ripping off farangs – with a smile – long before COVID came along. Even the Thai banks were having a go – the ATM cash withdrawal charges are amongst the highest in the World. So nothing new. Everyone should go to Mexico instead. They welcome everyone. You don’t even need a pcr test to enter.

  23. Was in BKK over the Christmas period and whilst the process of applying for the Thailand Pass took some time as documentary evidence is rather challenging especially the SHA Plus + hotel confirmation and getting the right insurance coverage, the arrival process was smooth without any hickup although requiring printed documentary evidence was very cumbersome and had to wait more than 12 hours in the hotel room for the arrival PCR test result which was only received close to midnight. There was no requirement for a 5th day PCR at that time but my PCR prior to departure at a hospital of my own choice was easy & fast with no crowd to content with. Thais & Thailand remains ever welcoming and friendly. To the ‘gentleman’ who says that he goes Thailand for girls, go get a sex doll instead. For those who are not willing to take any risk associated with travel in this day & age, stay home. Share facts & own experiences, not hearsay & speculations please. There is already too much fear & negativity in the world, don’t create even more.

  24. Was in BKK over the Christmas period and whilst the process of applying for the Thailand Pass took some time as documentary evidence is rather challenging especially the SHA Plus + hotel confirmation and getting the right insurance coverage, the arrival process was smooth without any hickup although requiring printed documentary evidence was very cumbersome and had to wait more than 12 hours in the hotel room for the arrival pcr test result which was only received close to midnight. There was no requirement for a 5th day pcr at that time but my pcr prior to departure ar a hospiral of my own choice was easy & fast with no crowd to content with. Thais & Thailand remains ever welcoming and friendly. To the gentleman who says that we go Thailand for girls, go get a sex doll instead. For those who are not willing to take any risk associated with travel in this day & age, stay home. Share facts & own experiences, not hearsay & speculations please. There is already too much fear & negativity in the world, don’t create even more.

  25. Recently, the same thing happened with one of my friend went under Test & Go scheme. They all got negative results before flying back to Thailand but one person in the family turned positive. Other has to be quarantined for 10 days with their own cost. Hospital is asking money upfront as well.

    This is disaster, if it happens to me in Thailand.

  26. I wanted to add one more comment here about people worrying that they will catch covid here. Thailands populace is over 70% vaccinated and THEY ALL WEAR MASKS everywhere indoor and outside. The only people I see not wearing mask are European, Russian, Arabian and North American tourist here right now. I would say if you come here you have a better chance of catching covid from another tourist than a citizen from Thailand. The Thai people are safe plus they follow the rules and laws, the foreigners do not. The tourist put all Thais at risk with their lazy Covid attitude but this country needs tourism to survive so they have to put up with some foreign ignorance. I wish the police and Govt. would crackdown and send these ignorant and not respectful of the rules tourist home. It is sad to see how people come here and because they are paying for their trip they think the rules do not apply to them too. One good thing with Olympics starting up yesterday the hoards of Chinese tourist are staying home. However, all Asian tourist I see here where their masks everwhere they go and I respect that. You do not want Covid, get vaccinated, where a mask always outside your home or room and try to keep your distance (2-3 M) if you are around people indoors for more than 15 minutes that is how to avoid Covid. That system has worked perfectly for me and I travel alot for work and pleasure. Happy travels.

  27. I’m like some here that have loved ones in Thailand and it’s been June 2020 since I returned home, getting out was hard then, but my fiance has told me of the scams, can’t wait to be back in the land of smiles but the rules are too fluid right now, maybe sense will circumnavigate the world 🇮🇪

  28. I have been to Thailand twice since November 2021, in fact as I am typing this I am in Patong Beach and enjoying life. The fears and worries about coming to Thailand are way overblown. As one traveler posted here if you are worried stay home it makes it less crowded here for us to enjoy. I have 4 PCR tests to take on each trip, 1 before I leave, 1 when I arrive, 1 after 5 days of being here and one for my home country the day before I leave. Each time a minor inconvenience with absolutely no worries. Some cost for the testing but affordable. Thailand will be my home upon retirement in 2024. I have been coming here twice a year since 2016 and I love the country, its food and its people. With all that why not spend the rest or my life in Paradise. Again for all you worry warts stay home and keep tge stress there with you.

  29. If you have girl friend or fiancée in Thailand and worried to travel, I am sure someone is willing to take your place and care for her in the meantime.

  30. I don’t agree with all the testing. Having a negative PCR before arriving should suffice. Before Christmas there was quarantine, even if you are negative entering the country. In my opinion it is a money racket. If they want to increase their tourism they should stop this. Also having to stay in their allocated hotel on the first night until you are tested..more money and back again on the 5th day. Costing time and money. Some people just want to go and visit family and tour around.

  31. I just came back from Thailand.
    Make sure to have all necessary documents.
    Airport was very efficient and ran smoothly.
    SHA plus hotel staff and system was perfect. Hospital pcr test was done with no issues.
    It was quieter than usual .one of my best times out of 10 plus travels to Thailand.

  32. I was there at the end of December on all of January I have been visiting 35 years it seemed, that The rules changed by the hour from bad to Very bad to get me out of here love the place and the people but them in charge make it Scary You fell like your a traget

  33. Thailand should supply t shirts at the airport, that have a bullseye on them because you will become a victim of the robbing bastards, i have lived in thailand for a decade and i feel sorry for the tourists that get fleeced all the time, 20 baht for a thai 200 for a farang, this covid is just another way to rob the tourists..be careful what you wish for you just might get it….

  34. Normally i stay some months a year in Thailand. The last 1,5 year i spent in Mexico. And that was a good choice. Quiet place at the beach away from the busy tourist areas. Maybe next year or the year after i return. Just decided to stay here another year away from crazy countries.

    I wonder if Thailand ever goes back to normal. The situation isn’t normal for a few years now.

  35. While things are far from normal in Mexico, there is a much more sensible approach.and beer prices are half that of Thailand.

  36. I went December.. very organised. Had a great 3 weeks. No trouble at all. If you don’t get the right insurance it’s your fault. Get the Thai Axa one! 5 day PCR is mad tho.. hope scrapped soon. Back in June.. Off to Columbia this month, no tests required…

  37. I cancelled my trip after watching some bloggers that turned positive. I don’t think they fake the results but why to take a chance. Tourist pays 75 dollars for PCR test… Visit Cambodia instead

  38. I love these kind of fear mongering articles, they do a great service by reducing the masses of idiot tourists. Best time to go !

  39. Going back to Thailand was the best thing i’ve done just recently, so far in my life, everything is so well organized, hotel staff, nurses they are all so accomodating and superfriendly, very welcoming and such a contradiction with other countries, so glad to be here, and not going back anytime soon, a place to feel human, and welcomed.

  40. This is very true, if you don’t have a work emergency I will avoid travel to Thailand. Catching up being positive with a family is a nightmare.. just escaped this one as we got covid positive in early Jan.

  41. I can not really understand why anyone want come to Thailand as a tourist everything closes at 22.00 … so !?

  42. I’m back on march with my daughter not sure what will change again. Fingers crossed hope all ok because I has spend a lot money with everything don’t want to cancel the flight and the hotel and everything.🙂😊

  43. I was in Thailand for Christmas but don’t recommend it. There are many easier destinations to travel to at the moment and the stress of being stuck in a hospital at each test ruined the experience. If you aren’t positive, you will be stressed and that destroys the primarily goal of a vacation.
    I self-tested positive a few hours before boarding my flight to Phuket but did a new PCR test in the afternoon and was negative. I had to rebook everything quickly to make sure I could join my family for Christmas. The rest went OK but I spent a total of 800 euros in tests.
    If you still decide to go: I recommend requesting multiple thai pass in case something happens so you can move your flights as needed. You can request as many as you want with various dates and it’s free and there is no policy against doing that. All my passes were generated automatically in 1 minute. Make sure you also book a flight with super flexible arrangements! And make sure your hotels are fully refundable until the day you arrive (tip : book hotel chains with points) . Don’t hesitate to make a booking per day to keep full flexibility. You can also stay at a different hotel than the one on the Thai pass if you have changed your mind, just let them know at the airport, that’s what I did.

  44. Thailand is nothing more than a rip off country for tourists. The old days are long gone. Many other places are ready to take their place.

  45. Have just cancelled, far too risky with 3 pcr tests to take, there is no need for any tests now, omicron is endemic and only a mild illness, those heavily at risk with existing conditions can choose whether otr not to do anything, time to live with it now and get on with life

  46. It is funny ..everyone has an arrival story. One says : It is OK no problem ..Others saying : bad experience. one wonders if there is a spread of fear or happiness going to Thailand

    Sure if you have tested negative and voila you are in ..that is not the general rule and not a story.
    It is all about the 50/50 chance and you depend on the test .There is always the possibility that the test could be erroneous to gouge more money from you.

    Let us be frank : they have a system established with nurses and doctors ready to serve. One will assume that they need paying bodies .

    The fear is that you are travelling with more than on person, your chances and fear will magnify if any member tested positively, the whole travelling party will be quarantine.

    No matter what the story is It must be best to wait for later in the year to visit Thailand . Look for country that does not have all these stupid entry rules

  47. One must calculate the cost of being hospitalized BHT 100,000 per person (or $3k more)
    This amount is not going to be reimbursed by any insurance company.

    Thailand is a beautiful country to visit but the government has so many rules to prevent visitor to come over.

    how can anyone enjoy a vacation in Thailand and at what cost?

  48. What do some of you not understand by the term “stay home, stay safe”. You people complaining about thailand are full of BS yourselves. The virus is spreading in many countries. Good lord a bunch of old babies nagging.

  49. I amm married to a Thai woman since 16 years , living 6 month i Europe and 6 month in Thailand. I speak Thai and have learn the way of thinking . Not every Thai like to rip off Farangs, but to many does, I am not sure that the Hospitals is ok with this tests, How can you be sure the do not fake the result, it is to much money involved . Me and my wife are waiting some month then we travel when the fins out that they making big mistakes with stupid rules

  50. Just returned from 28 days in Koh Phangan. My advice is DO NOT GO TO THAILAND! I went under the 24hr Test ang Go scheme. I was one of the last approved before they shut it down on 12/22. My initial testing process went fine, but then you have to go to a government appointed hospital for the second test 5 days later and it was a disorganized disaster. I had to go back 3 days in a row before they finally tested me. There were so many people there waiting in the blazing hot sun for hours just to register to get in the queue for the actual test. The first 2 days they just cut off the line at 11:00AM and said they weren’t taking new applications and sent people away who had already waited hours in the first line. This process took up 3 days of my holiday. It was ridiculous. Think about though, when they restart this program, every person who arrived into Thailand the same day you arrived, are all going to be heading to the very few testing locations on the list, all at the same time. A recipe for disaster

  51. ben
    an Jose Segler:
    meine Erfahrung war genau das Gegenteil…
    am 18.12.2021 regesrtrierung im kasemrad Hospital Chiang Rai und Zahlung von 1650 baht… ein impftermin für modernes für den 10.01.2022 um 14uhr bekommen … genau am 10.01. um 14uhr 45 war die Impfung perfekt beendet… so kann es auch gehen… auch in Thailand…

  52. Well I went to Phuket on 9th dec and returned back on 14th Dec. There were few procedures to follow like get the thai pass, need insurance coverage of 50k usd, need to book hotel on advance + need to pay in advance for rt-pcr test at the airport and other regular visa norms. However I booked a chartered flight from one of the travel agencies who provided hotel,transfer,thai pass, insurance coverage. Only thing left for me was booking 1 rt-pcr test while going and coming back (which I did online). 5th day compulsory test was not needed at that time. Upon arrival all procedures went smoothly and got test result online in 5-6hours. I never imagiyit being this smooth but yes there was a hassle to carry 20 page printouts and show them few times but it was not that bad as there were less people at the airport. However phuket was getting back on track and many shops/morning markets were open too. Not sure if bkk would be same during that time but I’m sceptical about that. Also thai govt is stupid to not let their citizens travel abroad and I don’t think they will resume their travel soon. So if u have someone there don’t expect to meet elsewhere coz my gf tried thrice with their embassy and couldn’t get through. Pretty sure they will ease some rules once songkran is near so let’s wait till March. ATM philippines (only vaccination certificate is needed) is better place to travel than thai.

  53. My wife and I would love to go to Thailand we are retired with a comfortable income so we are a demographic that Thailand is looking to encourage but unfortunately we will not go until the rules are sensible either close your border or sort out the entry requirements

  54. This article really concerns me, we are due to fly out to Thailand at the beginning of March. We are staying in a Sandbox Hotel in Koh Samui for 8 days then flying on to Bangkok. Obviously my worry is contracting Covid whilst travelling out there but after reading this I certainly feel anxious to how things are being dealt with!

  55. My wife (not Thai) and I travel to Thailand regularly and will not return until all restrictions are lifted. It’s not worth the chance of being caught up with this Covid-19 bs.

  56. Privat Kranken haus : THONBURI HOSPITAL ! Fr, 04.02.2022
    Mai/Juni 2021 wurde von dieser Krankenhaus Kette Corona Impfstoff MODERNA angeboten. Vorauszahlung : 1200,- Baht. Da nicht bekannt war wann , wie und wo wir “Farangs” geimpft werden koennen mit BION TECH ( die Deutsche Botschaft in Bangkok hatte auch keine Ahnung) meldete ich mich in diesem Hospital in Roi Et an , bezahlte 1200,- Baht . Nun hies es lt. Hospital : WARTEN ist des Farangs 1. Pflicht hier. Anfang Oktober wurde nachgefragt : Warten ! November : der Preis hat sich um ca 400 Baht erhoeht der zu bezahlen waere, Warten oder im Januar 2022 wuerde der Vorausbetrag wieder ausbezahlt, sollte kein Impfstoff vorhanden sein. Januar 2022 : Nachfrage , Antwort : Der Vorausbetrag wiurd nicht ausbezahlt , wir sollen einen Kaeufer finden oder diesen Betrag , der bezahlt wurde > Spenden . Einem Freund der fuer sich u seine Frau (Thai) 2400,- Baht im voraus bezahlte , wurde die Auszahlung ebenfalls verweigert . Er solle sich an die Centrale in Bkk wenden ! Weitere Kommentare von mir sind unnoetig !

  57. Every countries have their rules and they have every right to change their rules. If you don’t like it, don’t come.

  58. We are from Spain, Europe. I planned to visit Thailand with my wife and 8 years old kid. We even have the flight tickets with Lufthansa. However if entry rules don’t change before late March we will cancel our trip and head somewhere else.. New Test & Go rules are crazy.. three PCRs in 6-7 days for an 8 years old kid. Plus the risk that any of us test positive (we passed Omicron 2nd week of January). Once you prove with two PCRs (before arrival and the first night) that you are negative there shouldn’t be any more troubles to move freely. Thai authorities should think about this. It’s not a matter of scaring people, it’s a matter of having some logical rules in this difficult times.. We love Thailand. We have been there many times. We are willing to take the risk of traveling thousands of KM to be with you. BUT THE 5TH DAY TEST SHOULD BE SUSPENDED IF YOU WANT TOURISTS TO VISIT YOU. Thank you for taking this in consideration, because clock in ticking and high season ends in just a few months..

  59. I can confirm the experiences of people who have arrived into Phuket as correct. In my case the whole arrival experience took no more than 40 minutes. Everyone is seated after getting off the plane, documents checked and through then over to passport control & baggage collection. After exiting the building your PCR test is taken and I was picked up by pre arranged taxi to my hotel. I got the result after 6 hours and took the day 6 test at my choice of local clinic. I can now travel anywhere in Thailand. If you are a knuckle dragging moron who believes in scams/rip offs everywhere please don’t come to Thailand and do us all a favour..

  60. A mixed bag of responses here. Not sure what to believe exactly, but since it’s Thailand and every hospital/hotel/stakeholder does things a bit differently (as it the case with each individual immigration office) I am of the opinion that while some people have been treated as harshly as the warning suggests, others have been treated better.

    That being said, the risks are high. I have warned people I know well including family members to NOT even think about coming here, until such time these measures no longer apply. If they continue to apply indefinitely (which could very well be the case), then Thailand travel will essentially no longer be possible. Should I find myself leaving Thailand for any reason, it will be a one way journey. Therefore, I’m staying put until restrictions ease.

    The world has changed. It’s sad but it is what it is. Luckily there are still plenty of countries left to choose from, where one can enter relatively freely without encountering any of this nonsense. Mexico is probably the best example I can think of.

  61. Let’s be totally honest about this gentleman 95% of us go to Thailand for a woman don’t we ? it’s not about beaches cheap places to go the sun it’s about out having a girl for two weeks.
    If they haven’t got them in Vietnam or anywhere else what’s the point of going

  62. Go to vietnam,safe,friendly,less scams,cheap,lots beaches.been 10yrs asia,go around most countries 5x,been in vtnam since covid 2yrs,free vaxx-astrazenca,moderna,except for 4months go up,down by train,bus,cheap flights,feel lucky to be stuck here.now have to exit,bought bnkok tkt but so many scam insurance,hospital taxi,etc.reports will take tkt$loss go sngpore,more$,but more honest,clean,low covid n go many places from there.choice is yours.been canary 3x prevolcano,maroc,great.

  63. I can understand peoples concerns I have a fiance in Thailand too and haven’t seen her since March 2020 but with the Thai government changing rules daily I personally think think it’s not worth the financial risk of booking hotels and flights which in most cases are not refundable. Far better choice would be to go to Cambodia or the Philippines and get your Thai girlfriend or fiance to meet you there. Or do as I have done and apply for a holiday visa for her and bring her to your country for the summer months. Hopefully by then the Thai government will have opened up unrestricted travel like other countries around the world in time for their high season at the end of this year.

  64. Thais are always looking to rip people off..it’s just part of there form guide. You only have to look at the Phuket authority saying it’s fine for yaba smoking trash to make up taxi prices and not use the metre. This is a wild west destination. F you yes

  65. This is Thailand your money is always welcome. The rules are simple in Thailand ..you farang you pay…no problem…when the moneys gone so are you. Thailand is for the Thais…. Not a bad situation if you are Thai 😀

  66. Don’t come.If your girlfriend works in a bar she will have plenty of others to tale care

  67. It sounds to me from the previous comments regarding Phuket that the rules are different or maybe just administered differently on Phuket. The situations where this network has been involved in helping travelers have all been in Bangkok and nearby. It adds to the complication that different provinces have different rules, but I am happy if the situatuion in Phuket is different.

  68. The Canary islands welcome Nordics and the weather is lovely.Do thai food there too.Onlyd 3 hours from Gottenberg

  69. I believe the writer did write a full report.. meaning… if you do not test positive great.. but if you test positive of have close contact.. watch out it can become a financial nightmare.
    You make your choice

  70. Don’t agree with this post.
    I have just come back from Thailand after being their for 5 weeks.
    They are trying to keep Corvid out of Thailand.
    You can buy an Insurance to cover the costs.
    Basically If You Don’t Like There Rules Don’t Go.

  71. This is complete BS. I manage a hotel in Phuket and have had guests test positive. They are assessed as to how ill they are and if there isn’t a health risk they can isolate themselves in their room with their family for 10 nights. The issue of insurance is a concern and you do need to read the fine print (as in any insurance contract.) Be sure that you are covered for self-isolation regardless of your COVID status. At the end of the isolation, the hospital will provide a certificate saying you are safe to fly which fills in for a PCR test. This isn’t a scam — the people who work in the tourism industry, who have taken care of you for years, are hurting and misinformation that stops people from visiting is only hurting them more. Welcome back — the sea and the sand await!

  72. The entry rules state that kids under 6 don’t need pcr test at airport arrival day 1. They take a saliva test instead. But all hotels are rejecting Thailand pass without 2100b x2 per tests or day 1/5 for kids of all ages even newborns.

    So the kids don’t take PCR tests but they need to book a PCR test with a profitable hospital part of this scam scheme. Shame

  73. Having just entered phuket thailand yesterday for the first time in 2 years, the facts of this article are far from the truth. The Phuket authorities have in down to an art after only the 3rd day of the new test and go program. I was pleasantly suprised of how quick and efficient the process was. From the time ı left the plane it was only 17 minutes until ı was in my taxi off to my hotel room. Allbeit there was only our plane that had just landed, you could see all of the different areas to handle a dozen plane. Our plane comong from Melbourne Australia was also 90% full. The process was very smooth and the Thais as usual very welcoming especially after the last 2 years of hardship they must of endured.
    As far as the hospital quarantine goes, I questioned the hotel manager what would happen if ı returned a positive test,he assured me ı could extend my booking at his hotel for the extra 10 days and even said he had a better rate. I arrived at 8pm was in my hotel at 9pm. I awoke early in the morning at 4.30am and checked the app for my results and I was free to leave. I have to come back for one night on day 5 for another test to ensure I didnt pick up an infection on my plane or in the firstvfew days of my stay. I am writing this sitting in the sun on beautiful Surin beach enjoying a confortable 28 degrees.
    What are you waiting for, ignore the fearmongers and get out here. Phuket is setting the example to return to international travel…brong it on.
    TIP: best to arrive at night so you can sleep and wake up the next morning and head to the beach.

  74. I just came back from there and got covid. I was lucky and slipped in with the quarantine at home, but that only worked as I had a girlfriend there. I feel bad for the others.

    I would definitely get your own insurance (like world nomads or similar) in case to try and recoup those costs. I’m still waiting to see if my claims are approved

  75. I am in the same boat. I haven’t seen my fiance since November 2019. I desperately want to go to her but am very wary of the situation. Also having to pay for everything from flights to Covid Insurance in advance before applying for the Thailand pass, which could be knocked back is a turn off. You save for a long time to travel only to lose it all on non-refundable bookings

  76. The height of stupidity PCR tests we’re never meant to diagnose anybody for a specific viral infection according to Terry Mullins the inventor of the test.

  77. We had a friend from France that went through the process and didn’t find it too troubling. He had a Thai Pass and 1 day in a hotel, then a check up within 5 days which went well. Stayed with us for a week and went off to visit friends in Thailand.

    I think that if you are used to international travel and the unusual rules it would not be difficult.
    To warn people not to visit Thailand is not a very positive approach to the subject.

    It would be better to tell people exactly the process and let them make up their own mind.

  78. What if I don’t have the money they ask? What if I’m a low gudget traveller with only a few hundred dollars in my pockets? How will they charge me if they don’t accept my insurance?

  79. This is total and utter BS. When guests test positive and are not sick they can do Room Isolation (most hotels would have this setup right now) for 10 days. If your partner is not positive he/ she can join Room Isolation but this person should be isolated for 14 days.
    I own a hotel in Phuket and can speak from extensive experience. Don’t listen to this guy!

  80. Many years ago I became “a victim” of one of the Private Hospitals. I could have been treated for a couple of days and then sent home. They kept me unnecessarily for 12 days, running up a bill for 120,000 baht. Recently the same Hospital failed to diagnose a fairly common ailment. They failed to operate immediate causing him an extended stay, consequently loading the bill. He refused to sign the bill causing them to reduce it considerably. Not long ago I needed medication and innocently went to that hospital for it. When. Y Doctor found out the cost, he was outraged. Beware of rip-off!

  81. This is incorrect reporting “ But the patient has no right to refuse to be hospitalized at the private hospital or hospitel facility which has obtained an exclusive contract with their hotel.”

    In Thailand you have every right to refuse to go to any Hospital.

  82. Big mistake to come here now as a fun seeking tourist. You get caught in the covid trap, even sitting near someone who tests pos., your holiday may turn into a very expensive nightmare

  83. This is really addressing my fears as I had Covid in January but have fully recovered and have been testing negative via nasal swab but I am told a saliva test may come back positive for up to 90 days this is just ridiculous I have Thai pass test and go and I have asked my CDC dr for letter of support as well I have put off my travel until February already and I haven’t seen my fiancé in 2 years it really just seems like a scam for the country to make money off people and there are many other less stringent countries to visit but as I said I haven’t seen my fiancé in 2 years 😰 and Thailand changes their rules daily

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