Chinese EV maker NIO announces FOTA availability in Norway

A few weeks ago, Chinese EV maker NIO announced that NIO users in Norway can now receive the new system update, Aspen 3.0.5 NO, which is the company’s first over-the-air firmware update (FOTA) outside of China.

In a press release, NIO said that the company’s vehicles’ smart operating system was developed on the first-generation technology platform (NT1.0) known as Aspen.

NIO also said that currently, the ES8s in Norway are equipped with Aspen 3.0.0 NO, which is available in English and Norwegian, and exclusively developed for users in Norway. In addition, Aspen 3.0.5 NO has new features to improve user experience in winter, including manual battery warmup and extended default duration of cabin preconditioning. It also includes other experience enhancements, such as a power assistant that helps users search for charging facilities, and NOMI Debug, which allows users to give feedback to NIO using a voice note.

This is the first time NIO has offered large-scale FOTA updates through its independently developed technology. So far, NIO has released 184 new features and 382 enhancements via FOTA. After the market entry into Norway in 2021, NIO plans to launch its comprehensive product and service systems in more European and North American countries. Each region will come with software and update services tailored to the local language and market, the company said. 

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