Sw­eden – Vietnam Research Cooperation Program Concluded

The 35 years of Sweden-Vietnam research cooperation conference took place in Hanoi on May 30th 2012. The event attracted more than 100 people including researchers, professors, diplomatic representatives and many others.

Research cooperation has been a very important part of Swedish development cooperation in Vietnam for 35 years.

According to the Embassy of Sweden in Vietnam, many emotional speeches and presentations were given, not only highlighting the many good results achieved, but also the special friendship between Vietnam and Sweden. The importance of the Swedish Bai Bang paper mill factory was mentioned more than once.

Mr. Gunnar Klinga, Chargé d’affaires highlighted the impressive results achieved during 35 years. He also pointed out the importance of research in the continued economic development of Vietnam. Mr. Klinga also talked about the big potential for an increased trade and investment between Sweden and Vietnam.

Ms. Marie Ottosson, Minister and Head of Development Cooperation talked about the results achieved in Health, Biotechnological and Rural Development which have been reached in immediate applications and for providing guidelines for policy makers in developing strategies to improve quality of life in Vietnam. The special friendship was also highlighted in her speech as well as in the speech given by the Deputy Minister of MoST, Dr. Tran Van Tung and Professor Dr. Tran Ngoc Ca.

The conference ended in a positive atmosphere and with a wish to continue working together. Professor Dr. Tran Ngoc Ca also thanked Sweden for their support and for always making sure that the ownership was with Vietnam.

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