Swedish man evades arrest in Singapore

A Swedish national who allegedly punched a cab driver who he felt was trying to cheat him has evaded arrest by leaving Singapore using a second valid passport.

At about 1.30am on March 16 this year, the man boarded the taxi driven by Mohamed Nor Hassan, 56, at Orchard Towers and directed him to Block 302 in Tampines

Mr Mohamed Nor told Singapore newspaper Berita Harian that he drove via the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) and turned in to Tampines St 31.

However, the foreigner, said to be between 35 to 40 years old, thought that the taxi driver purposely drove farther in order to charge him a higher fare.

The cabby, who has been driving a taxi for 26 years, told Berita Harian that the Swedish man told him several times during the trip that Mr Mohamed Nor had tried to cheat him. According to the driver, he told the passenger that they will go to the station together if he is not satisfied. The total fare came to about $20.

The man then told him to stop the car, and when he alighted the vehicle, he allegedly held the collar of Mr Mohamed Nor’s jacket and punched him, saying that he was a soldier and could kill him.

He then ran off, but the driver managed to stop him to ask for the fare. During the argument, the Swedish man allegedly pushed Mr Mohamed Nor, punched his face and body, and kicked him.

The driver said he only used his two hands to defend himself. He said he didn’t want to fight as he did not want his licence revoked.

Mr Mohamed Nor was brought to the Changi General Hospital (CGH). He sustained a four-centimetre gash under his left eye. He says his left hand is still hurting until now.

A group of youths came to help and reported the matter to the police.
In response to Berita Harian, the police said that on the day of the incident, the police investigated and took the Swede’s passport.

However, on May 24, the police were unable to find him when they tried to serve him his summons. They then realised that the man had already managed to leave Singapore using a second valid passport.

They were going to charge him with two counts of causing hurt and one count of using force.

The court has since issued a warrant of arrest for the man. The police has also sought the help of Interpol to aid in his arrest.

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