Nordcham to work closely with EuroCham

A long discussion about the future direction of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam was the dominating subject of the Annual General Meeting of the Hanoi branch held on May 26th at the Hilton hotel. Especially it was discussed to what extend Nordcham should cooperate with the EuroCham.
     Mr Preben Hjortlund, currently EuroCham’s vice-chairman Hanoi, was requested to make some remarks on some of the positive aspects for a closer cooperation with EuroCham. Mr Patrick Johansson, Chairman of Nordcham, gave his comments on the possible negative aspects.
     Voting on the issue, in which Patrick Johansson abstained, the Members voted 12 in favor and 1 against a closer cooperation with EuroCham. The new Board was requested to discuss with EuroCham to get the best possible deal, including a clause specifying on how to exit EuroCham should NordCham be dissatisfied with the cooperation.
     The Annual General Meeting unanimously elected the following members to the Branch Committee for the coming year according to the suggestion from the election committee. Mr. August Wingardh, Ikea Asia Pacific Pre. Ltd, Mr. Patrick Johansson, Ericsson, Mr. Erik Rydgren, ABB, Mr. Soren Felthusen Husted, Shortcut Partners, Mr. Klavs Nielsen, DK Engineering Ltd. Mr Kjeld Olsen, Kjaer group.
     New member of the Committee is Mr Kjeld Olsen, while Mr. Bertil Nord, Hercules Vietnam, and Mr. Juha Rumpunen, Soil & Water, left the Committee.
     Mr. Staffan Anaker, North Group of Companies, and Mr. Dan Lauritzen, Maersk, were elected substitute members and Mr. Gunnar Wennerberg, Ericsson was appointed honorary auditor.
     The Hanoi Branch of Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam has currently 17 corporates and 7 individual members and a healthy economy as was confirmed by the auditor.
     At the first Meeting of the Commitee, the board constituted itself with the following positions:
     Chairperson: Patrick Johansson
     Deputy Chairperson: Kjeld Michael Olsen
     Treasurer: Klavs B. Nielsen
     Secretary: Soren Felthusen Husted
     The following Sub-committee was formed:
     Programme Committee: August Wingardh, Kjeld Michael Olsen
     EuroCham Negotiation Committee: Patrick Johansson, Soren Felthusen Husted, Klavs B. Nielsen

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