Artificial ‘dog nose’ from Sweden employed in war against drugs

A Swedish artificial ‘dog nose’ that instantly reveals drugs wherever it is used may revolutionize drug enforcement in Thailand. Last Wednesday did Thai drug enforcement officers perform a raid at the Lucifer nightclub in Pattaya, armed with the Swedish equipment. “The machine indicated methamphetamines on clothes and sweat on six patrons. Police could later through urine sampling verify methamphetamines in the body on all but one of them,” says Mr Carl Lundberg, CEO Biosensor who develops the systems. Thai police have tested the system since early 2005 and may well become the first police force in the world to purchase this equipment. “We are approaching a decision for Thailand, which I believe will be one of the most important countries in Asia along with China,” continues Carl Lundberg. The ‘dog nose’ advantages are among others that tests can be performed instantly and only those people pinpointed by the system need to leave a urine sample to verify the existence of drugs. Normally are drug raids at bars and nightclubs tardy affairs where all patrons must leave urine samples and await the outcome before they are released. All you need with the Swedish machine is to touch the bend of the arm with the sensor’s filter and the test is done. Drug traffickers are another target for the Swedish innovation. “Earlier this year did police in northern Thailand try the equipment. It did for example indicate methamphetamines on the steering wheel on a car driven into Thailand from Burma. Eventually police found 12 000 speed pills in that car,” says Carl Lundberg. In September did Australian customs sign a deal with Biosensor for delivery of ten combined narcotics and explosives detecting systems. One system costs about 50 000 USD. It can be outfitted with different modules for narcotics and explosives. Swedish and Japanese customs, the US Defense Forces and the Swedish Department of Corrections have also bought Biosensor systems so far. The Thai police is interested in drug detection only systems.

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