Swedish National Day Celebration in Hanoi With Piano Concert

The Ambassador if Sweden, Anna Lindstedt, will host a reception at the Hanoi Daewoo Hotel on the National Day of Sweden June 6.The reception will start with the performance of a Swedish pianist, Staffan Sandström, who has a Diploma from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and is currently pursuing his Doctorate Master of Arts degree at State University of New York-Stony Brook.
This year 2006 is the second time that June 6 has been officially considered as the official Holidays of Sweden.
The National Day of Sweden has a complex history. On June 6, 1523 Sweden, as a nation state was born when Gustav Vasa was elected King of Sweden. He was the King who unified the country and laid the foundation for today’s administration. That day in 1809, Sweden’s first modern constitution was adopted. And in 1916, that is during the First World War, 6th June was chosen as the national Swedish Flag Day.

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