Indonesian Navy Cadets On Götheborg To Jakarta

The four sergeant major cadets, Andromeda Windra Ciptadi, Kresno Suryo Wibowo, Indra Agustian, and Abdul Gofur, all students at the Indonesian Naval Academy, were taken to Fremantle courtesy of Garuda Indonesia where they signed on as members of the crew.
The Swedish Ship Götheborg departed Fremantle on May 25 and is now on its way northwestward from Western Australia towards the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra. On the voyage, it will pass the equator and the Christmas Island and arrive in Jakarta on June 18 and stay at the Tanjung Priok port for ten days before it sets sail again on June 28 for Canton, China.
The participation of Garuda Indonesia in this event is part of its support to the improvement of the long-lasting relationship between Indonesia and Sweden. The arrival of the ship highlights the historic as well as contemporary links between Sweden and Indonesia.
The Ship Götheborg, one of full-scale replica of the historical sailing ships from Sweden to China, is presently undertaking a historic voyage to China and back following its original route as most of merchant ships did from 1732 until the beginning of the 19th century with each journey taking up to a year and a half or longer to complete. This program was launched by East Indiaman Trading Ship Company as part of the celebrations to strengthen trade and cultural exchange between Sweden and China and also other ports on the historic route.
For more information on the Swedish Ship Götheborg, its voyage and events and activities that will take place during its stopover in Jakarta, please visit:

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