Finnish Contribution Takes Second Prize in Tsunami Memorial Contest

An international competition for Thailand’s Tsunami Memorial, dedicated to the victims of the devastating December 2004 earthquake and tidal wave, has been won by an unusual-looking Spanish project called “Mountains of Remembrance”.
A Finnish team, Anu Puustinen and Ville Hara of Avanto Architects, got the second place in the competition sponsored by the Thai government and managed by Thailand’s Council of Architects (a professional’s association). The contest attracted 680 entries, and the winning project was chosen among five finalists.
The winning project, Mountains of Remembrance, was created by the young Spanish architects Ana Somoza and Juana Canet of Disc-o Architecture, Madrid, and their collaborators.
Their scheme features five conical towers inspired by the natural landscape of Thailand’s Phang Nga Bay, as well as the traditional Asian stupa and pagoda forms. The towers will be located within the Khao-lak National Park on Thailand’s southeastern coast , in a forested area overlooking the ocean beaches that were hardest hit by the tsunami.

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