Ericsson Cashing In On Broadband Demand In Thailand

Broadband growth in Thailand has well outstripped growth in the mobile-phone and fixed-line segments; and that growth is not expected to come to a stop just yet. This is something Ericsson Thailand is trying to take advantage of.
“The pace of broadband access in Thailand and around the world is expected to surge over the next few years thanks to greater demand for wireless multimedia services and the constraints of narrowband services,” Hans Karlsson, the president and country manager of Ericsson Thailand says in a recent interview with Bangkok Post.
Broadband Internet penetration rate in Thailand grew from 30,000 subscribers in 2003 to 170,000 in 2004, and 375,400 in 2005, and as of March 2006, the number of subscribers was 503,627, expected to reach 850,000 by the end of the year, the country managed noted.
“Broadband marketing in Thailand is entering the ”take-off phase”, with multiple broadband services such as VOIP, gaming, Internet-protocol television (IPTV), triple-play services and video-on-demand set to be the next wave of technological innovation,” Karlsson said.
And Ericsson is trying hard to take part in the take-off.
“Ericsson Thailand is following a recent merger with local Marconi Telecommunication tapping into what promises to be the next wave in high-speed fixed and mobile data services,” Karlsson explained.
The merger with Marconi was in line with the Swedish group’s global strategic policy to shift its focus to broadband network convergence. The local company was acquired last October, when Ericsson brought assets representing about 75% of Marconi Corp Plc’s telecommunications business, worth around US$2 billion.
Marconi’s areas of businesses include optical network, broadband and fixed radio access networks, soft switch, data networking equipment and services, other telecommunications related operations, trademark and associated brand names.

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