Scandinavia Support Vietnam on Inspectorate System Improvement

Representatives from the Embassies of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Canada, and the Netherlands to Vietnam and the Vietnamese Chief Government Inspector signed five bilateral agreements and one Joint Financing Arrangement to commit themselves to the inception phase.
Mr. Lennart Nordstrom, the Minister Counselor from the Embassy of Sweden in Vietnam, gave a speech on behalf of other donors at this important signing ceremony.
“We all believe that developing the inspectorate system of Vietnam is one of many important tasks in order to build a solid ground for efficient use of public resources in Vietnam. A transparent, efficient and corruption free public administration is needed to achieve the targets of poverty reduction set by the Vietnamese government,” Nordstrom stressed.
The program is to be implemented by the Government Inspectorate. It aims at building an ethical, strong, professional, modern inspectorate system capable of successful performance of all tasks assigned by the State in the areas of inspection, complaint and denunciation settlement, especially in anti-corruption as provided for by the Law on the Prevention and Suppression of Corruption.
The one-year inception phase, starting from 01 October 2006, is carried out to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the next step in program implementation.
“As partners in development, we are very happy to support the Vietnamese Government in this important program and look forward to following closely the implementation of the activities in the 11 months to come.” he added.

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