Danish Travelers Not Scared by Terror Threat in Thailand

When Bangkok was hit by a series of bombs on New Year’s Eve, which killed three people and wounded 42, Thailand’s booming tourist industry feared the immediate repercausions. However, the increased terror threat does not seem to have an effect on the amount of Danish tourist coming through Thailand this season. Not yet, anyway. A statement on Monday from Thailand’s minister of defense, Mr. Boonrawd Somtas, warning of more possible terror attacks before March 1, have put the Danish travel agencies on extra alert. But so far, none have decided to cancel Thai-bound trips.
     ”As long as the [Danish] Foreign Ministry is not advising against all travels to Thailand, we will continue to send our guests there. Should any of our guests prefer to cancel their trips, our normal cancellation fees apply,” says Sales Director Stig Elling from the Danish travel agency Star Tours.

The responsible terrorists behind the New Year’s Eve bombings in Bangkok have not yet been found.

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