In the Spirit of Linnaeus

The Embassy of Sweden in Manilla together with Mr.Mariano Akerman, Researcher and Lecturer will organize a series of lectures with different universities and educational institutions entitled “In the Spirit of Linnaeus”, a tercentenary Lectures on Science and Art from 11 January to 22 February 2007.
Carl Linnaeus is Sweden’s most famous and outstanding scientist of all time. He’s a botanist and founder of the modern classification system for plants and animals. He’s remembered by his innovation, creativity and progressiveness. Some people look at him as a traveler and explorer of his own country while he was also an inspiring teacher who sent his students on voyages of scientific discovery all over the world.
The Swedish Embassy very much encourages people to participate in the Linnaeus Lecture series which will increase the interest of the youth in science and research. And in hope to contribute a better understanding of the world that surrounds us as the result of Linnaeus’ curiousity and inventiveness.

Please refer to the lecture Schedule here

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