Swedish Bosses See More G-strings

“Swedish bosses have more international experience than their Nordic neighbors”, says an advertisement made by an Icelandic advertising agency. The text in itself is not offensive, but these days, the Swedish Council against sexist advertising (ERK) is paying a lot of attention to the advertisement’s illustration. The picture is taken in Bangkok and displays a man sitting between two women, who are wearing not much besides G-strings.
According to its website, the ERK finds advertisements offensive if they display women or men purely as sex objects or if they preserve an ancient view of women and men and thereby picture them in a degrading manner.  
The person who notified the ERK about the case last month said that the advertisement not only discriminates the women, but also Swedish business men in general.
A quick look at the ERK’s previous verdicts tells us that the Swedes are not keen on seeing naked women in advertising, but the verdict on the Swedish-Thai cocktail will not be public until the end of April this year.

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