Case Against Norwegian Pedophile Postponed

A 47 year old Norwegian man who was arrested last year for pedophile activities in Thailand was due in court last Monday, but the case was postponed as the police did not feel equipped for the trial yet.
   The Norwegian who has worked as an accountant in Thai Airways was arrested in Norway as he was on his way to Thailand to perform more pedophile activities such as sex with minor boys and video taping of the acts.
   The man will also be charged of selling the boys to other men in Thailand and distributing pedophiliac material. When the man’s apartment in Oslo was searched, the police came up with more than 35,000 pictures of sexual acts involving children and more than 1300 video tapes of the same kind. Some of the material was from the man’s own acts in Thailand.

Pleading guilty
The Norwegian has pleaded guilty and the case was due to commence at the court in Oslo on May 8th, but as Norwegian police is trying to get a hold of one of the abused, a Thai boy from Pattaya, the case was postponed until the beginning of June. By then the police might be able to question the Thai boy by video conference.
   If the Norwegian is charged with pedophile activities, distributing illegal material as well as human trafficking, he might be spending the next 21 years in prison.

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