Swedish Business Man’s House Got Robbed

Three burglars broke into Renato Petruzzi’s house on 16 May 2007 according to Lumpini Police Station. A loyal housekeeper, Suwat Cokejinda, bravely fought back caused one burglar dead and another two ran away. Luckily the Swede was not home when the incident took place.
According to Officer Kritsada Pankongcheun, Lumpini police station got reported a robbery at 20.00 from a two story house around Lumpini area own by a Swede business man.
“I was out at the Oriental Hotel having dinner with my friend when it happened,” says Renato Petruzzi who has been living in Thailand for 40 years.
“I was just recommended my friend to buy a condominium here because Bangkok is a nice place to live but it was really sad what happened last night.”
The housekeeper Suwat explained later in details about the incident that he was upstairs when he heard the scream and a loud noise coming from the living room so he came down to check. That was when he encountered three thieves.
Suwat said that he recognized one of them, later found out that his name is Arnon Sangseum. Arnon who is only 19 used to come by the house sometime to pick up the Swede Renato to run at Suan Lumpini and he would get paid around 500-1,000 baht.
When the burglars saw Suwat they approached him with a knife and tied him up before they started to look for valuable things in the house. Suwat tried to untie the rope and when he succeeded he ran upstairs to get the gun which he kept in his bedroom. He said he was just trying to scare the burglars but Arnon tried to take the gun away from him, the gun fell off his hand and he tried to fight back. Later Suwat grabbed a metal object and smashed Arnon several times, caused Arnon’s death. Suwat picked up the gun and shot to the roof caused another two burglars scared and ran to their motorcycle which parked in front of the house. They fled away.
Suwat was sent to the hospital later with one stabbed wound on the arm and another one on the shoulder. Another two Indian housekeepers, 70 years Chunish Ram and 80years Bumansink Maan, was also hit in the head with the gun.
The police suspected that Arnon might need fast cash so he seeked the opportunity while Renato was not home and asked his friends to help him robbed the house. Unfortunately for Arnon, he encountered a faithful housekeeper who tried to protect Renato’s property bravely.
 “I felt really bad for my housekeepers, they have been with me for 40 years. I just visited them last night. I hope they will recover soon,” says Renato.
 “As for Arnon, he is in the neighborhood. I have seen him since he was small like eight or ten years old. I can’t believe he could do this.”
 The police have called Arnon’s cousins in for further investigation in hope to find another two burglars who have ran away.

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