Love Sex and Fidelity in the Country of Smiles

Are you tired of dark, cold Scandinavia? Or merely lonely? Then why not go to Thailand and enjoy your self with the young beautiful Thai woman?
This is what the Norwegian writer Einar Haukland advices his countrymen and others in search of fun and romance to do in his new book “Love sex and fidelity in the country of Smiles”.
    Yet many foreigners face problems when coming to Thailand for sex or romance, as they are not aware of the differences between the Thai culture and their own. In his book Einar Haukland wants to help Scandinavians to overcome these issues.
“The main message of the book is to inform foreigners about the problems they will face when they meet Thai women,” says Einar Haukland. He has been living in Thailand since 1998 and claims to have a good understanding of problems, which may occur when people from the Thai and the Scandinavian culture meet. And according to Einar Haukland, relationships between foreigners and Thai can be problematic indeed.  “Men who come to Thailand often have unrealistic thoughts about finding true love right away. They think they can buy love because the rules for relationship are different in Thailand,” Einar Haukland writes in his book.
“Foreigners often see Thai woman as sex objects, farangs (foreigners…red) are seen as human ATM machines”.
    However, Einar Haukland emphasises that it is possible to make a relationship between a Thai woman and a farang work. His own experiences are an example of this as he is married to a Thai himself.
    The book has so far been printed in 500 copies. In the beginning of September an English version of the book will be published. The book will be available in Norway as well in the autumn.

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