Swedish High Speed Boat Operation Training in Bali

The Embassy of Sweden and STC work closely together to promote Swedish products and services and to increase bilateral trade relations between Indonesia and Sweden.

“We are pleased that the HSBOT has specially selected Bali, Indonesia as its first ever Asian HSBOT destination.  The status of Indonesia as the world’s largest archipelago and Bali as a world class, highly popular tourist destination makes it the ideal choice for an event of this nature,” the Sedish Foreign Ministry wrote in a press release. The inaugural HSBOT Asian event will be held from 10th to 12th of November, 2009 at the Bali Marina.  Based on the interest level so far from professionals representing various key national, regional and international maritime security related agencies and organizations; HSBOT Bali promises to be an exciting event of international standing.

Different actors
High Speed Boat Operation Training (HSBOT) is a group formed by several Swedish marine related companies with the mission to share knowledge and experience about how to safely handle, lead, design and equip high speed crafts among such professionals. This group evolved from HSBO the High Speed Boat Operations Forum that for several years has been a very successful forum for sharing knowledge among participating agencies and organizations from all over the world. Former participants have, among others, included the US Coast Guard, the German Navy, the Swedish Royal Navy, and the Finnish Coast Guard.

A three-day training session is delivered at each event location where the participants will be taught advanced techniques and be allowed to try relevant equipment in both classroom and “on the water” real life practical trial sessions. It is hoped that such a format will also facilitate the sharing of experiences between participants.  The training sessions for days one and two are limited to 30 participants only.  However, day three is set aside as a try out day where more people are invited to watch and touch. For this day, another 30 participants can join, hence welcoming a total of 60 participants for this third day.

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