The Story about the Birds and the Bees

Text Maria Luhr / SWEA Singapore

SWEA Singapore arranged a lecture for parents with children approaching their teenage years. The subject for the evening was how to address children about sex and relations and the message was “Rather talk one year to early than one day to late.”
The lecture was held by Martine Hill and Sonia Kaba Pardo. Both are consultants working professionally with teenagers and their parents.

The audience of about 35 parents got a lot of literature tips and also a reassurance that kids want to learn from their parents about sex and not from the internet or their friends.
The lecturers also stressed that it is important to discuss values and consequences of different choices with their kids continuously and not to have just one big talk.

This lecture was one of three in an educational series for teenage parents organized by SWEA.
The event was held at Tuesday 23 March 2010


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