Daughter of the US Ambassador to Thailand Dies

Nicole John, daughter of a long serving State Department Official and the American Ambassador to Thailand, Eric G. John fell to her death from an apartment building during the early hours of Friday. She was found on the third floor landing of the Herald Towers at 50 West 34th Street, near Avenue of the Americas and pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said that Ms John a student at the Parsons New School for Design had been out with friends at the Tenjune club before going on to a party at the Herald Towers where her fall from the 25th floor appeared to have been an accident.

Police are trying to determine what led to Ms. Johns’ tragic misfortune and her access to the alcohol. A witness at the party told police that Ms. John had removed her shoes before climbing out of the window onto a ledge. Ms Johns’ body was found with a camera nearby, which has led investigators to the conclusion that she may have stepped out onto the ledge to take a picture, believing there was a terrace outside.

Police investigators are in the process of questioning guests who were at the party along with employees and patrons at the Tenjune club.

Ilan Nassimi, 25, a resident of the apartment has been charged with illegally serving Ms. John alcohol.

Ms. John’s father, has been ambassador to Thailand since 2007.


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