Danish Gymnasts Visits Overseas Family School in Singapore

The National Danish Performance Team visited Saturday 5 February 2011 the International Overseas Family School in Singapore showing the Singaporeans the best of Danish gymnastics.

The performance at the Overseas Family School was a great success. More than 3000 children watched the show. The children experienced what Danish gymnastics is all about; classic gymnastics with ribbons, hula hoops and clubs, high energy vaulting and tumbling, cool dance acts and funny routines.

After the two shows of 40 minutes each the gymnasts did an exclusive workshop with the children sharing with them the Danish culture and gymnastics, giving them something to remember Denmark by.
“The children had so much fun”, says Tina Reinholdt.
“They really enjoyed themselves, having fun with all their new Danish friends.”
The children tried trying tumbling, dancing, acrobatics, and learned a lot of new games and learned that being active can be fun and does not have to be hard work all the time.

The next chance for the Singaporeans to see the team in action will be on the 11-12th when the team will participate in the Chingay Parade at the Pit Building.

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