Finnish Wife Jumps to Dead – Husband Follows the Next Day

A Finnish national yesterday jumped down from the 7th floor of the Cantavil villa block in Ho Chi Minh City’s district 2 and died on the spot – just one day after his wife killed herself by jumping from that very floor.

The couple, both 29 and of Finnish nationality, is suspected of having a big argument, a police officer told Thanh Nien.

After the wife jumped on March 3 at 4pm, the man was questioned by the police yesterday and returned home in the afternoon.

He apparently killed himself at a little over 7 pm the same day.

The couple moved there in December last year.

According to Nguoi Lao Dong, the couple, both born in 1981, rented apartment No 702 and they did not have stable jobs in the city.

Police are investigating.

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