New laws for Scandinavian locksmiths

It’s important that all jobs are regulated and controlled by a government organ which is specific to this goal. In the European Countries that are part of the EU, a special meeting in Brussels stated the new rules and laws for locksmiths in the EU.

The first ELF’s meeting in the EU

For the first time the Brussels’ meeting came to regulate the locksmith job and services, so to unify all locksmiths around the EU. In fact, before of this meeting, each single Country which is member of the EU featured specific services that might be different than the other Countries.

The ELF (European Locksmith Federation) worked with the representatives from Finland, Poland, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Portugal.   Locksmith

From this first ELF’s meeting, it emerges that while Italy has just passed a law for locksmiths so that they can have now a real profession with specific standards, Finland, Ireland and Belgium already had and still have a legislation.

The fact is that the ELF must still work hard on finding the best way to create a legislation for all Countries for locksmiths, so to legalize their professional activity – which is often considered to be a part of other jobs’ tasks. Anyways, it is expected to be a long way to go, about 20 years before that all Countries agree to accept the same legislation.

A comparison between the USA and the EU

In the USA, when it comes about locksmiths people usually feel a great esteem for this highly skilled professionals. Actually, locksmiths in the USA are the most specialized technicians who can deal with a really amazingly wide range of different situations.

Moreover, locksmiths in the USA must complete a specific training course, made of both theory classes and practice hands-on classes where students can learn how to repair or replace items by doing.

After their training course, locksmiths can start to work as assistants to a senior locksmiths to complete their apprenticeship. Finally, they can apply to request an ALOA license. A professional license in this field is crucial for those locksmiths who live in some of the States and want to be hired by larger and nationwide relevant companies in this industry.

New York’s locksmiths

In the most developed and largest cities of the Union, locksmiths can join the staff of 247 local locksmith companies. For example, in New York, being one of the most important American metros, young and licensed locksmiths can check this great New York locksmith service company and send a job application.

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