A worldwide shortage of bicycle parts creates problems for Finnish company

Jan Peter Bonn, factory director at Tähtipyörä. PHOTO: ARI SUNDBERG / SPT

For bicycle manufacturers and subcontractors around the world, the pandemic has brought problems with a reduced supply of bicycle parts and according to Finnish Tähtipyörä, manufacturer of bicycles in Solf just outside Vaasa, Finland, the problem is expected to last another two years.

Media HBL writes that a large part of the parts needed for bicycle production is produced in Asia but several large manufacturers of bicycle parts and equipment have been forced to temporarily close their factories from time to time, including Japanese Shimano, one of the world largest manufactures which were forced to close its factory in Malaysia for a month in mid-June and July.  

Tähtipyörä’s factory in Finland is open, but some models can not be manufactured right now due to the worldwide shortage of bicycle parts and although Tähtipyörä has been forced to expand the list of subcontractors and order parts from other places than Asia, the company is still experiences problems. Jan Peter Bonn, factory director at Tähtipyörä says, “We are trying to order parts from more places now. But even in Europe, there is a shortage. It does not matter if you try to order from Sweden, Italy, Denmark, France, or Asia.”

As the demand for bicycles increases, so do the delivery times for bicycle parts. “Many parts are out of stock and the delivery time for those that are available is expected to be in the spring of next year or only in 2023. Despite this, we sold more bicycles in July this summer than in July last year,” says Jan Peter Bonn.

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