Ambassador Ann Måwe: “Vietnam has a number of outstanding writers”

On May 12, the Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Ann Måwe attended the opening ceremony of “European Literature Days” in Hanoi. On the sidelines of the event, Ann Måwe shared with Zing News’s Vietnamese electronic newspaper about her passion for literature as well as cooperation in the field of literature between Sweden and Vietnam.

The ambassador said that, through literature, people from different countries will have the opportunity to understand each other. Through literature, we know the history, circumstances, thinking and cultural characteristics of other people, therefore, diplomatic relationships between countries are also tightened. Sweden is very interested in promoting its culture to the world, including music and literature.

Regarding Swedish -Vietnam relations in the field of literature, Ann Måwe said Vietnam and Sweden have a lot in common, although the two countries are apart geographically. Although it is difficult to see the similarities between Vietnam and Sweden, we will see the common rhythm in their lifestyle, the way people interact with each other, and the historical way of affecting their society by reading the literary works of the two countries.

Regarding the Swedish literary works published in Vietnam, the Ambassador especially liked the book “The Gospel of Eel” – the book she directly wrote the introduction. The two lessons that Ms. Ann Måwe draws from this book are people cannot live on this planet without living in harmony with nature, and to get that harmony, we need to control urbanization, understanding that humans also need other animal species to survive. This deep story takes eels as a typical example.

Regarding Vietnamese literary works, Ann Måwe said that a publisher in Sweden has translated and published hundreds of Vietnamese titles. Compared to other European countries, the number of books that Sweden has translated from Vietnamese is quite a lot. Some of her favorite works such as “The General Retires” by Nguyen Huy Thiep or ” The Sorrow of War” by Bao Ninh.

“Vietnam has some outstanding writers. Vietnam is also a country with a long tradition of literature. I think when writers boldly overcome frameworks and expectations from society, they will prove their position” – The Swedish Ambassador shared.

Source: Zing News.

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