Ambassador Måwe visited Vietnam Ethnology Museum in Hanoi

The Swedish ambassador to Vietnam H.E. Ann Måwe published a report of her visit to Vietnam’s Ethnology Museum on 3 July 2020. The Ambassador noted that it was a great experience on her FaceBook story line that said:

“I continue my journey of exploring the Vietnamese culture by visiting the Vietnam Ethnology Museum in Hanoi. Very impressed with the socio-cultural diversity of different ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Interesting to learn about unique and everyday objects representing each group and Vietnamese ways of life, from cultural, religious events to symbolic rituals and agricultural, livelihood practices.”

“A nice surprise to hear and see the good impact of the Sweden-Vietnam Cultural Fund being maintained till today in preserving and presenting local cultural heritages. Thankful to Dr Dang Xuan Thanh, Director of the Museum and his colleagues for hosting a guided tour and a fruitful meeting to discuss potential areas of using cultures and expressions of minorities to enhance mutual understanding between the peoples of Sweden and Vietnam.”

“Highly recommended for those who do visit Hanoi. I will definitely come back for a more thorough visit with family and friends.”

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