Ambassador Sami Leino to speak about Finnish education during the pandemic

Finland’s Ambassador to Malaysia and Brunei Sami Leino will give a keynote address about the experiences of the Finnish education system in dealing with the COVID-pandemic at the UNIRAZAK Global Education Conference and Postgraduate Colloquium (GECPC 2021) on 8-9 September 2021.

UNIRAZAK’s virtual conference will cover ‘Education in Crisis – Global Education amidst the pandemic & the way forward. The conference will be held to provide a forum for sharing the latest ideas and developments, the best practices and principles with regards to conducive and supportive environments needed to enhance teaching and learning from the misalignment between resources plus the needs to the reality checks we must all come to terms with in regards to leadership and strategies in the new norm.

As one of five Keynote speakers, Ambassador Sami Leino will be talking about Finland’s formula in addressing educational challenges in the face of the pandemic.

More info about the event can be found here

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