Ambassador Thorgaard visited Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden to discuss green agenda

On 16 March 2021 the Danish Ambassador Jon Thorgaard, visited Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden to discuss and continue the shared green agenda.

Dr. Piyakasat Suksathit and Dr. Ratchada Kongsatyaipat, gave the Ambassador a tour of the gardens, both studied in Denmark as part of the DANCED programme and they could further explain that 34 staff members had attended seminars and training in Denmark throughout the years.

Joint projects in botany have played an important role in the Thai-Danish relationship for more than hundred years.

Since the late 19th century, Denmark has sent several botanical expeditions to Thailand to, in close bilateral corporation, explore the flora and biodiversity of the country.

Danish organisations like East Asiatic Company, who donated the first ever forestry School in Thailand, Dansk Ekspeditionsfond and Carlsberg, who helped fund expeditions, all contributed to strengthening the close ties between the countries in this field.

In 1999, the close collaboration was manifested with a technical corporation project under the DANCED programme (Danish Cooperation for Environment and Development) in partnership with Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden in Chiangmai.Aimed at protecting natural resources and biodiversity through a sustainable approach, exchange visits, shared research and community participation was at the core of the project.
Today, Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden stands as a significant touchpoint in the 400 years of relations between Denmark and Thailand.

Dr. Ratchada Kongsatyaipat (left), Ambassador Thorgaard and Dr. Piyakasat Suksathit

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