An update from Ambassador Anita Nergaard on Team Norway’s work in Singapore 

In Team Norway’s latest newsletter, Ambassador Anita Nergaard updates on the activities taking place for Norwegian businesses in Singapore as we are entering the second half of 2021, and a gradual opening can be seen around the corner. 

In cooperation with Innovation Norway and NBAS, the Norwegian Embassy in Singapore supports Norwegian companies, and together, as Team Norway, they promote Norwegian competitive advantages, including offshore technology, sustainable shipping, and renewable energy among others.

Although the pandemic is continuing to disrupt our lives and livelihoods, governments are focusing on gradual reopening and a light at the end of the tunnel can be seen in part of the world. 

The message from the Ambassador reads:

As the first half of the year is behind us, I have together with colleagues been heavily engaged in planning for the second half. Preparations for SNIC2021, Nordic Green, and the Norway – Singapore Science Week are already well underway, along with many other events.  

But before all of that, I had the pleasure of speaking to a young Norwegian dancer in the Singapore Dance Theatre – I hope you will get a chance to see them perform soon! I also look forward to tuning in to the “Virtual Weekend” of the Norwegian Cultural Centre in July.  

We have also been kept busy by business market entry programs, virtual business network meetings, news of an academic collaboration between institutions in Norway and Singapore, ASEAN project with Norwegian support, meetings of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), and assisting Norwegian companies vis-à-vis Singaporean authorities. 

We are daily reminded of the growing interest in Singapore and Southeast Asia – there has never been a better time for our companies to focus on the vast opportunities in this dynamic region! 

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