Norwegian Energy Partners renew Southeast Asia focus

Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP), the independent non-profit foundation is renewing their focus on Southeast Asia and has appointed Mr. Jeffrey Lai as Country Manager in Singapore. 

NORWEP is partly founded by the Norwegian government and industry and established to strengthen the long-term basis for value creation and employment in the Norwegian energy industry through expanding the industry’s international business activities and building on the collective competitiveness of the partner companies.

NORWEP is focusing on marine & offshore energy, a field where several Norwegian companies are at the forefront internationally and many NORWEP companies have strong ambitions for international growth and expansion, including in Southeast-Asia.

Jeffery Lai is experienced in helping Norwegian companies within sectors such as oil & gas, energy and the maritime sector on behalf of Innovation Norway and NORWEP. With a growing presence of NORWEP partners in Singapore, the foundation aims to strengthen collaboration with key stakeholders, local partners and customers who are vital for unlocking growth opportunities through a local energy advisor and country manager, and by drawing on NORWEP’s global network of energy advisors.

If you want to explore opportunities, get more information about priorities, upcoming activities and events, contact Mr. Jeffrey Lai, NORWEP Country Manager here.

Source: Royal Norwegian Embassy in Singapore

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