Carlsberg admits to lying about Myanmar

The world-famous Danish brewer Carlsberg now admits to having done business in Myanmar, even though the company earlier has stated, that it had withdrawn from the country.

This is written by the Danish Media Finans. The media has made an internal investigation of Carlsberg’s business in Myanmar from 1996-2011. The conclusion was that Carlsberg has violated its own previous announcements. The company has afterwards stated to Finans, that the brewer strongly distances itself from its previous management.

Carlsberg acknowledges, in an announcement on its website, that the company granted a loan to a partner in Malaysia who established the subsidiary called Brewinvest back in 1996.

Brewinvest then entered into a joint venture with two companies, and together they established a brewery called Dagon Brewery Myanmar. The equipment in the Dagon Brewery was installed by Danbrew, which is a Carlsberg owned company.

“Although almost 30 years have passed, we still strongly condemn the actions of the management at that time. The managers who were involved in the actions are no longer employed by Carlsberg,” writes Carlsberg in the announcement.

Myanmar was subject to EU sanctions for the first time in 1996 after the country suffered a military coup.


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