China might be able to be sustainable while growing economically

An international study has found that China might be able to sustain economical growth without harming the nature surrounding parts of the industry. A group of scientist concluded this. One of the scientists was from Sweden.

The group of scientists underlines that they can not guarantee anything, but that it currently looks like there has been made process, and that the industry isn’t effecting Taihu lake as much anymore.

The study has been made an in-depth study in China on whether a seperation between economic growth and environmental damage. The question was whether or not one would be able to see a shift in this direction already at the turn of this century. A group of scientist from the following countries examined the Taihu lake watershed to find an answer. The scientists were from China, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Britain and South Africa.

Their result was, that it will be possible to see a shift at the turn of this century:

“We cannot say with 100 per cent certainty whether this decoupling has entered a stable state or has just appeared,” Zhang Ke, study author and a researcher at the Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in an interview. “We can’t predict the future. But for now, the signal is positive.”

Source: South China Morning Post

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