Three Scandinavians do a marathon swim across from Karimunjawa island to Jepara in Indonesia in the name of preserving the environment

In an activity as part of an environmental hygiene campaign, with a focus on preserving the marine environment, three Scandinavian swimmers – two Swedes and a Danish citizen – took on the challenge of swimming for 5 kilometres in turn, covering an estimated 80 kilometres in 50 hours.

The three swimmers started their journey on Friday 6th May 2022 at 2pm local time/WIB. It is estimated that they arrived at the beach in Tegalsambi Village, Tahunan District, Jepara on Sunday 8th May at 10am.

In a news report, the co-ordinator of the event, Farah Elfirajun, said: “There was no competition, this is special for us because we are lovers of a clean environment. We are holding this event to educate the people of Jepara and also increase tourism in Central Java and in Jepara.



An escort ship also accompanies the swimmers for the duration of the event.

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