China, Vietnam and Denmark most positive about Covid-19 vaccine

A Covid-19 vaccination point at a shopping mall in Lappeenranta, eastern Finland. Photo: Kalle Purhonen / Yle

According to a 32-nation study in December, China, Vietnam, and Denmark had the highest levels of Covid-19 vaccine acceptance.

The survey was done across 32 countries with almost 27,000 respondents and coordinated by the Milan-based Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research (WIN). Polling firm Taloustutkimus carried out the Finnish part of the survey.

Vietnam, China, and India showed by far the highest levels of acceptance of the Covid-19 vaccine out of the 32 countries. More than 90 percent of respondents in all three countries said they would take the vaccine. In Denmark, 87 percent of respondents said they would definitely or most likely take the vaccine, followed by Finland where 81 percent of respondents said they would take the vaccine. The two Nordic countries showed significantly higher acceptance levels than other countries in Europe, where for instance only 70 percent in Italy said they would take the vaccine and in France just 44 percent.

According to Hanna Nohynek, Chief Physician, Infectious Disease Control and Vaccinations at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), a vaccination level of at least 70 percent is necessary for a country to attain herd immunity.

The survey also asked respondents how satisfied they were about how their governments had worked to control the pandemic.

Respondents in Vietnam where only 35 Covid-19 related deaths have been reported, gave the Vietnamese Government 100 percent approval. China followed by a 99 percent approval of the Chinese government’s pandemic efforts.

Denmark and Finland had the highest levels in Europe with 77 percent and 75 percent respectively. In comparison, only 15 percent of respondents in Poland were satisfied with their own government’s efforts, while in Spain the support level was 26 percent.

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