Chinese company invests in joint biogas tech research in Denmark

The Chinese company CECEP has invested in Danish biogas technology to develop solutions that can reduce pollution from restaurant waste in Chinese cities.

The Danish city of Nyborg has received an investment from the Chinese company CECEP City Lighting Management.den_cn_biogas

President Wang Yongming of CECEP City Lighting Management announced that he has bought an estate in the Danish city of Nyborg.

Mr. Wang plans to use the building to establish a research centre for biogas production in Denmark. Together with a group of local companies and the municipal government of Nyborg Mr. Wang hopes to receive funding for a development project aiming to refine and further develop methods for producing biogas from restaurant waste.

The investment is the result of close collaboration between Nyborg Municipality, the Royal Danish Embassy in China and Invest in Denmark. During the process Mr. Wang has visited Nyborg several times and has met with two Danish ministers. Mr. Wang has met head of Invest in Denmark in China, Mr. Rasmus Bjørnø and the Danish Ambassador to China Mr. Friis Arne Petersen many times to discuss the project in Denmark.

During the Danish Minister for Trade and Development Affairs, Mr. Mogens Jensen, visit to China in February 2014, the minister met with Mr. Wang Yongming and a group of other Chinese bioenergy companies to discuss opportunities within bioenergy in Denmark.

The meeting showed considerable interest from the participating Chinese companies in closer collaboration with Danish companies and research institutions within the bioenergy area.

Danish companies and research institutions are at the forefront in agricultural based biogas and biomass technologies for combustion, gasification and bio-gasification.
The biogas ecosystem in Denmark counts suppliers, consultants and a strong research and development (R&D) environment. Denmark has 20 joint biogas plants, 60 farm plants and 60 municipal plants in operation.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia

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