Consuls and officials meet over foreigners “ignoring” Covid-19 safety measures in Phuket

The Honorary Consul of Norway recently participated in a meeting with high-ranking Phuket officials, and a majority of consuls and foreign government representatives, local media The Thaiger reports.

The meeting was called to discuss ways to prevent the spread of the virus for foreign tourists living in Phuket and according to meeting reports participants could express their opinions and make recommendations regarding the Covid-19 epidemic. According to The Thaiger, The Honorary Consul of Norway asked for provincial officials to prepare information published on a central website for the convenience and speed of extraction of information to be used in public relations.

At the meeting, it was decided that people who are not being “socially responsible” will face legal actions, with the most intransigent being kicked out of Thailand. The meeting report included this statement, “However, if the investigation of the disease by the Phuket Provincial Public Health Office finds that you (foreigners) who are at high risk, or have tested positive for Covid-19, you (foreigners) must be socially responsible by preparing for treatment in strict accordance with the place set by the Public Health Office, which is this standard. The same standard as Thai citizens living in Phuket Province.”

“If you (foreigners) do not comply, there will be legal penalties and affect your consideration for permission to stay in the Kingdom.”

Phuket has also recently enforced a very strict rule where people are required to wear a face mask in public at all times. Those who do not follow this rule can face a fine of up to 20.000 Baht.

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