Custom duties on Chinese goods accounted for 62 percent of all customs revenue in Denmark last year

In 2020, the Danish Customs collected a total of DKK 3.1 billion in customs. A new release shows that custom duties on Chinese goods accounted for more than half of customs revenues. 

When goods arrive in Denmark from a country outside the EU, customs duties must be paid, and depending on the product and where it comes from, the Danish Customs collects customs duties calculated based on value, weight, or quantity. 

As in previous years, customs duties on goods from China accounted for the largest share of Denmark’s customs revenues in 2020. In total, customs duties on Chinese goods amounted to approx. 1.9 billion DKK, which corresponds to 62 percent of total customs revenue in 2020. Textile goods accounted for just over half of the customs duties levied on Chinese goods.

The revenue from the collection of customs duties helps to finance the EU’s ongoing efforts to keep dangerous and illegal goods out, and at the same time, customs duties are an important trade policy tool to protect the competitiveness of Danish and European companies and protect them from unfair competition.

Denmark is a member of the EU Customs Union, where customs duties are common across the Member States, and there are no customs duties on goods traded between EU countries.

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