Chinese Xpeng starts exporting flagship P7 sedan to Norway for the first time

A localized Norwegian version of the Chinese electric carmaker Xpeng’s flagship P7 sedan recently rolled off its production line at the company’s Zhaoqing factory in south China’s Guangdong province which means the models are soon on route to Norway, media CNBC reports.

It is the first time Xpeng’s P7 models are being delivered outside China and the shipment will be sent from the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou to Norway. Earlier this year Xpeng delivered its G3 SUVs to the Nordic country and according to the carmaker, the P7 models are expected to be delivered to customers in Norway in the fourth quarter of this year.

Last year over half of all new cars sold in Norway were electric and the country is therefore very attractive to electric carmakers. Xpeng also said in a press release that the carmaker is accelerating its move to establish a full-scale Norwegian operation that includes customer experience, sales, delivery, services, and charging facilities.

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