Danish ambassador opens free space in Yangon

Yangon is, like most cities in the current urbanisation of the world, currently facing expansion and developement in a way, that the city hasn’t seen before – especially since the country was pretty much closed for foreign influences until 2010.

Photo: The Danish Embassy of Myanmar

But the rapid expansion of cities tend to forget and/or destroy places for the inhabitants to breath a bit in the hectic life (just look at Bangkok for an example of this).

Therefore the effort to preserve or create such places is worth while. And on the 20th of May, Danish Ambassador Peter Lysholt Hansen participated in the opening of one such place; an alley garden in the middle of downtown Yangon.

The alley was created by the local CSO, Doh Eain, and with support from Denmark, “the alley was transformed from a trash dumping site to a community-centred, green space with playgrounds for the children,” as the embassy writes on their Facebook page.


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