Danish clothing company: The dream is to end up in China

Ann-Louise Christine Aasted and Morten Grabowski Kjær.

The Danish clothing company Luksusbaby can, despite the pandemic, for the first time report a double-digit DKK million profit which makes the company eager to invest in the future. More stores in Denmark are in the plans and the dream is to end up in China.

The company was founded by Ann-Louise Christine Aasted and Morten Grabowski Kjær in 2014 and Luksusbaby has stores in the Danish cities of Aalborg and Aarhus. During the pandemic, however, the stores have been closed down, which is why Morten Grabowski openly states that the profit is “more than expected”.

Morten Grabowski says in an interview with local media BT that the company’s profit is DKK 10.1 million, while the turnover lands a little over DKK 100 million. He explains that the company has also succeeded in creating 160 new jobs in North Jutland.

However, the couple has chosen to deduct zero DKK in dividends, as they want to invest in future plans. This includes several stores in Denmark, including in the city of Odense and Copenhagen. In the long run, establishing stores abroad are also part of the plan.

“We have plans to open stores in Norway and Sweden. The dream is to end up in China. It is a wild country, and the Chinese are happy with Danish design and Danish products,” Morten Grabowski Kjær says.

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