Meet Jaime Yong who worked for The Embassy of Denmark in Kuala Lumpur for 27 years

Photo: The Embassy of Denmark in Kurla Lumpur via Facebook

The Embassy of Denmark in Kuala Lumpur recently caught up with one of their former longtime employees, Jaime Yong who worked at the Embassy for nearly three decades.

The Embassy writes:

Just recently, the Embassy has had the privilege to get up close and personal with another former employee, Jaime Yong! It was such a sentimental interview, given the fact that she had been with the Embassy for 27 years!

Jaime started as a Personal Assistant to the Ambassador and over time had the privilege to serve 5 Ambassadors. She slowly moved up the ranks and became Commercial Advisor with the Trade Council, where she actively promoted Danish expertise and know-how to Malaysia especially within the environment and water sectors, and later on, focusing on the food, agriculture, and fisheries sectors.

In the final three years leading to her retirement, together with Minister Counsellor for Food, Agriculture, and Fisheries, Nina Talvela, she did back-to-back market study visits on poultry, aquaculture, pork, and dairy, discovering the huge potential for Danish businesses within these sectors. These findings led to the Memorandum of Understanding in Agricultural Cooperation between Denmark and Malaysia – an achievement that paved the way for many Danish companies to enter the Malaysian market and open up for knowledge transfer between the two countries.

You would have thought that Jaime would be enjoying her retirement – however true to form, she is constantly treading new ground to keep abreast with the latest trends and working as a freelance consultant.

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