Danish energy leaders welcome Vietnamese partnership

The Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam shared on 14 June an interview with the Danish Minister for Climate, Energy, and Utilities Dan Jørgensen with Vietnamese Investment Review on Vietnam – Denmark cooperation in Green Transition.

The Embassy writes that the interview took place on the occasion of the successful closure for Partnering for Green Growth and Global Goals 2030 (P4G) Summit, hosted in South Korea and that the Danish Minister during his interview affirmed the acceleration for implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.

During the interview, Dan Jørgensen expressed hope about future possibilities for Vietnam on the green transition journey, with great support from Denmark. When asked what the Minister’s views on Vietnam’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions under the Paris Agreement are, Dan Jørgensen said:

“I am happy to see that the Vietnamese government is committed to the Paris Agreement and aims to ensure sustainable development in accordance with climate and environment. For example, Vietnam has presented ambitious legislation to promote energy efficiency in the industrial sector, and Denmark has assisted in developing energy efficiency action plans for all 63 provinces based on Danish and international experiences.”

The Minister continued by saying that the Vietnamese-Danish partnership on green areas started in 2013 and that the two nations have shared knowledge and are carrying their efforts on long-term energy planning, integration of renewable energy in the electricity system, and energy efficiency in the industrial sector together.

“Since 2019, Denmark has also assisted Vietnam in developing a roadmap for offshore wind in close collaboration with the World Bank. I hope that we can expand this cooperation even further within off-shore wind power where Denmark is world-leading. Our two countries are both surrounded by the ocean and by using the enormous potential of wind energy at sea to create green electricity, we can improve the everyday life of our people and fight global climate change,” the Minister said.

Read the full interview with Minister Dan Jørgensen for Vietnam Investment Review here.

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