Danish princes Nikolai and Felix and their mother Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg in Chinese documentary

Prince Felix, 18, Countess Alexandra, 56, and Prince Nikolai, 21, star in a Chinese documentary that can now be viewed on YouTube. (Photo: Birger Storm)

Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg and the first Asian-born princess in the history of the European Royal family gives viewers a whole new and honest insight into her life as a divorcee and a single mother on Chinese television.

Until recently, the documentary was only available to viewers in China. But then it was shared on youtube and it immediately got well over 300,000 views. Thus, viewers worldwide can now also see the special and insightful Chinese documentary.

The Chinese documentary ‘A Bigger Role’ shows a part of the Royal family that has not been shown before and has already been viewed by over 20 million people in China. The documentary features the two Danish princes Nikolai and Felix and their mother Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg. The princes are sons of Prince Joachim of Denmark, Count of Monpezat, the younger son of Queen Margrethe II, and Prince Henrik.

The interview took place over several days two years ago and Countess Alexandra talked to the Chinese TV host about the difficulties of moving from Hong Kong to Denmark and the struggles she later accrued as a single mother after her failed marriage to Prins Joachim.

The documentary also dives into topics such as Prince Nikolai’s modeling career which is something the young prince is very passionate about. He reveals to the Chinese TV host that it is much nicer to be known for something that he has archived than something he was born into.

Watch ‘A Better Role’ here

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