Danish Countess invests in internet business with roots in Hong Kong

Countess Alexandra at a gala dinner at Christiansborg Castle on the occasion of the Crown Prince’s 50th birthday in 2018. Photo: Henning Bagger

Hong Kong-born Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg, RE invested back in February in the internet business WikiFactory and now Danish media BT confirms that she has not only invested in the company but also in the co-founder as she is officially dating the company’s owner Nicolai Peitersen.

The 51-year-old Danish entrepreneur Nicolai Peitersen has lived in China for many years and it was here he co-founded WikiFactory. The company is an online platform for collaborative product development across national borders. Partly due to the tense situation between China and the United States which accelerated under former US President Donald Trump, the location of the company in Hong Kong simply became too political and previously Nicolai Peitersen has stated that he wanted to move the company to Copenhagen.

Countess Alexandra is the former wife of Prince Joachim of Denmark but before she became Princess of Denmark in 1995, she had a career in what was then British Hong Kong. There she worked as a Deputy Director and she has a long trade education behind her with an international focus. The Countess has studied in Vienna, Tokyo, and London and according to her press adviser, she invested in WikiFactory because she liked the company’s very social profile but also because she can draw on her experience from Hong Kong.

According to BT’s information, the new couple has been seeing each other when Nicolai Peitersen has been in Denmark during the spring. Countess Alexandra has known Nicolai Peitersen’s brother Alexander Peitersen for many years but only became close to Nicolai Peitersen recently.


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