Danish Seamen’s Church in Hong Kong visited 8 Danish-flagged ships in August

Photo curtesy: Danish seamen’s Church Hong Kong

During the month of August a total of eight Danish-flagged ships docked at the port of Hong Kong and the Danish Seamen’s Church in Hong Kong managed to visit them all.

In a recent update, the Danish Seamen’s Church shares moments from the last visit to the ship Axel Maersk which docked in Hong Kong on 31 August. 

The Danish Seamen’s Church writes that Captain of Axel Maerks, Suni Andreassen from the Faroe Islands had asked for newspapers for his crew from the Faroe Island, Denmark, India, the Philippines, and Romania. With support from Sea Health & Welfare, the Danish Seamen’s Church delivered the newspapers while getting a chance to speak to the Captain and three crewmates. 

During the pandemic, the crew onboard are often not allowed to go ashore, and sometimes they do not know how long they will be at sea. Axel Maersk has recently been to Malaysia which means that the crew is not allowed to go ashore and travel home via Hong Kong. Although it is hard conditions, the crew were still happy and the Danish Seamen’s Church note that the atmosphere on board was good despite the circumstances.

The Danish Seamen’s Church adds that Axel Maerks was built in 2003 at the Lindø shipyard near Odense in Denmark. Measuring 352m in length, there is room for more than 9,000 20-foot containers on board. Axel Maersk’s next port is Yantian in China.

Photo curtesy: Danish Seamen’s Church in Hong Kong

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