The Big Things’ sustainable Hong Kong playground is made of Finnish wood

The Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong’s intern Wallace Loo recently visited their corporate member, The Big Things’ sustainable Hong Kong playground made of Finnish wood. In a recent article, Wallace Loo speaks to the Operational Manager of The Big Things Playground, Yvonne Chui about the idea behind the indoor Eco-Friendly Playground.

The Big Things playground in Hong Kong was built in 2019 to resemble nature: as if children play and learn in the forest. It was masterminded by The Big Things Group and created for children aged 2-8 years old through the collective efforts of Lappset Finland and The Big Things. 

The idea was to create a space where play, discovery, and creativity are fostered in a healthy, eco-conscious, and enjoyable environment. The Big Things therefore bespoke equipment for the playground to be made in Finland using sustainable materials. For example, raw wood can later be recycled. Also, most of the slides are made from environmentally friendly materials.

Yvonne Chui explains that the wood can be dismantled and reassembled into other playground equipment. “We do not need to throw the parts away, instead we can use that to rebuild other equipment,” she says. 

Children visiting The Big Things Playground are not only enhancing their creativity, but they are also learning about the importance of protecting the environment and with the support of digitized devices, children can draw pictures, such as cartoons or wild animals in the forest.

Read FinnCham HK’s full article about The Big Things eco-friendly playground in Hong Kong here

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