DCCC East webinar: Travelling Sustainably and Locally in China 5 April

Danish Chamber of Commerce in China is inviting you to a webinar covering sustainable and local travel in China on 5 April. The invitation reads:

Join us for a talk on the 5th of April with Brian Linden on his personal experience living in China and their unique partnerships with the Chinese government that has allowed them to be a part of restoring and managing a collection of China’s national heritage sites. Brian will also talk about how we can travel sustainably and locally during COVID-19 times.

About the speaker:
For nearly fifteen years, Brian and Jeanee Linden have been pursuing their dream of becoming the first foreigners to restore and manage a collection of China’s national heritage sites. In 2006-2008, they worked with over 100 Bai ethnic villagers and personally spearheaded all the construction and design work on their first project- The Linden Center. Their goal was to establish a more sustainable tourism model that would combine preservation and investment in the villagers’ economic and social well-being. That mission still guides them as they expand to numerous locations throughout Yunnan and their first site near Shanghai, in Suzhou’s Dongshan.

Brian’s talks focus on adventure: why did they sell their home in America, homeschool their boys for ten years, and invest their life savings in these unprecedented projects. Brian will discuss their unique partnerships with the Chinese government and the challenges of working with dozens of ethnic groups in the southeast vestiges of the Himalayas.

Venue: Chameleon, 5th Floor, 90 Shaan Xi South Road

Starts: Mon Apr 5 2021, 03:00pm ACT

Ends: Mon Apr 5 2021, 04:30pm ACT

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