Denmark encourages Danes in Myanmar to leave now

Denmark has updated its travel guide to Myanmar and advised against all travel to the country due to the current security situation. The statement from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affair reads:

“Danes in Myanmar are encouraged to leave the country as soon as possible due to the security situation, while there are still commercial aircraft out of the country.

If you choose to stay in Myanmar, stay at your place of residence as much as possible and pay close attention to your surroundings if you travel abroad. Make sure your loved ones are informed of your whereabouts and that they can get in touch with you. Avoid demonstrations and other gatherings of people. Comply with curfews and assembly bans. Always carry identity documents with you (eg passport). Make sure your passport is valid. Make sure you have adequate supplies of food, cash, etc. to be able to cover several days of consumption in the event of several days of closing of grocery stores and restrictions on the use of credit cards.

Stay informed about the situation via the local and international media.

If you need advice on opportunities to get out of the country, you can contact the embassy or contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Global Watch Center at [email protected] or (+45) 33 92 11 12 around the clock.

Read the current travel guide for Myanmar here

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