6 Must Have Features of School Management Application

In the last 10 years, the education sector has also seen a great improvement in the curve when it comes to technology.  It has largely impacted the industry by adding quality to it. If we consider the post Pandemic situation, we will see that the education system became dependent on school management software. Before you choose the right school management application system, you need to know which qualities to look for in your software. 

The article will help you in this regard by suggesting the top features a good school management application must contain.  

Top 6 Features Every School Management Application Should Have 

  1. Online Class Facility 

While the covid pandemic is already disrupting our everyday life, it would be unfair to deprive the students of their right to education. That is why the online class facility should be present in the school management tool you choose for your educational institution. Generally, the online classes can be done live or the teachers can opt for recorded glasses. A good school management software must contain both the features so that teachers and students can choose the option which is convenient for them. Moreover, having the option to record the live classes is an added benefit. Platforms like Learnpod offer free virtual classroom for online teaching and learning.

2.Simple Interface 

There is no point in having a great school management tool that the users cannot run. For this reason, always choose the application that comes with a user-friendly interface. The software should have an easily understandable design and the navigation should be hassle-free also there should not be any confusion so that even first-time users do not have to face any difficulties. Having a free demonstration of the application will help the teachers and the school management to understand how the software works. 

  1. Instant Communication 

Since there is no face-to-face interaction between students, teachers, parents, and school administration, multiple channels should be available for the parties for direct communication otherwise there will be a communication gap that everyone wants to avoid. There should be options for text messages and emails so that everyone should remain on the same page. For communication between all the stakeholders, instant chat options should also be available in the application. The software should be capable of sending real-time alerts to parents and the students in the form of text messages to their mobile phones. 

  1. Online Assignments and Examination 

No educational institution is complete without assessments and for school management software, having the facilities for online examination and assignments are mandatory. Some applications contain question banks from which teachers can select for the examination. Besides, a good application like Learnpod should offer you various question types for online exams such as MCQ fill in the blanks, short question answers, essay type answers, paragraph writing, etc. Having features like automated exam attendance, answer paper evaluation, report card preparation, etc. are added advantages of school management software.  

  1. Parent Access 

 Though many school management applications do not have a separate parent portal or parent access this is something that bears extreme importance. Whether the students are coming to the school or participating in remote learning the parents should always be aware of the activity status of their children. 

Thus, the parents will always stay up to date about the assignment, exam dates, grades, parent-teacher meetings, or any other issue related to the students. Such portals should also have access to the students’ attendance and progress reports so that parents can easily keep track of the performance of the students. 

  1. Admission Management 

A reliable school management software should have the facility of admission process management in completely online mode. It should have all the applicant data sorted and stored categorically so that the school admin does not have to keep thousands of files. Just like online exams, there should be features for the online admission test. For the admission of existing students in the new class, the school management tool must have an easy payment process. Thus the students will be able to pay their fees using a debit card or any other online payment method. Not only that fully automated system for monthly school fees and automated receipt generation should also be there.  


These are the top qualities every school management application should have. If you are going to opt for an application, check out if it has the necessary features so that you do not have to face any inconvenience in the future. 


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