Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia highlights Danish parenting values

Photo: Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia

Denmark’s Ambassador to Indonesia Lars Bo Larsen has welcomed a special guest from home, his two-year-old son Gabriel. Gabriel recently arrived in Indonesia where he will spend the next month with his dad, which motivated the Embassy of Denmark in Jakarta to highlight Danish parenting values.

The Embassy shares that in Denmark both parents share equal responsibility in raising their children. During his visit to Indonesia, Gabriel will be following his dad around his diplomatic duties and the Embassy will share Gabriel’s journey as he navigates Jakarta with Ambassador Lars Bo Larsen.

Last week, Gabriel started the diplomatic journey when he accompanied his father at the French-EU presidency inauguration.

Gabriel showed strong support for the incoming French presidency of the European Union, and its ambition to increase cooperation in the Indo-Pacific as explained by the French Ambassador and the EU, the Embassy said.  

Gabriel also recently started preschool. The Embassy points out that in Denmark, social interaction between children is essential and is seen as an important first step in building social skills and cooperation skills as well as fostering creativity.

You can follow Gabriel’s journey as he navigates Jakarta with his dad here

Photo: Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia

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